Supplements & Minerals: Whole Food Nutrition vs Synthetic

September 13, 2017



There is growing awareness that our diets are devoid of nutrition and disease is on the rise.  There is no doubt that due to farming issues we need to supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals in order to maintain an adequate level to stave off disease. 


Well what’s the first thing we do after watching a segment on TV about the growing disease epidemic in our Nation?  We google it. There we find all the remedies we would need to handle all sorts of issues related to inadequate diets and terrible lifestyle choices.  On every website, there is someone trying to sell you the next vitamin or mineral supplement that has the cure to one or more of your common ailments.  Although I do not disagree that we need more vitamins and minerals and other nutrients in our diets, on the contrary I could not agree more.  The only problem is that all vitamin/mineral supplements are NOT created equal.


So, let’s say you finished your google search and find that you may need more vitamin B12.  You head to your nearest drug store and there you find a whole line of B12 vitamins by multiple companies all elbowing for space on the shelf.  You stand there and think to yourself, which one should I buy?  Well I am here to tell you that you should buy NONE of them.  Most, if not, all the vitamins you will find on the shelf at any drug store or vitamin shop contain synthetic ingredients, meaning they were created in a lab by a guy in a white coat.  Even worse, all the brands you see before you all come from just a handful of different producers, the only difference is the packaging.  These vitamins are not the real thing, they are not even close, they are actually chemical mirrors of what the real thing is and should be considered “drugs”. 


So why do I tell you this?  The reason is that these “synthetic” or man-made drugs can actually cause more harm than good.  Yes, in the short term your symptom may abate and you feel ok, but with continued use, you can damage organs and even bring about the same symptoms as you had before you started taking the synthetic vitamin!


My suggestion to you is to not try and “self-medicate” with synthetic vitamins and go see a natural health practitioner who handles deficiencies of the body and make sure they are using whole food supplements, such as myself.


Whole food vitamins and minerals like those from Standard Process, which are only sold through healthcare providers, are the whole parts of foods, there is no chemical lab putting these vitamins together, only Mother Nature herself.  With whole foods and whole food vitamins you don’t have to worry about overdosing, nature packaged the vitamins together to work together and when not needed, excreted from the body so as to cause no harm. 


So, the next time you think about picking up some vitamins or minerals from your local grocery store, drug store or even your Doctor, make sure that the source is from whole foods and not created in a lab. 

If you would like more information and even a free nutrition consultation, please feel free to contact me.



About Dr. Will


Dr. Will Munoz is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis on total body wellness.  He believes that along with Chiropractic Care, there must also be steps in place to increase overall health awareness.  This includes eating well, thinking well, and moving well.  His philosophy allows you to see results fast.  Dr Munoz graduated from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas Texas with a Doctor of Chiropractic and he also has a bachelor's Degree in anatomy as well as Health and Wellness.  He has a passion for nutrition and works to incorporate it into his practice.  Teaching is also something that Dr. Will has a passion for. 


The title of Doctor which translates; to teach, in Latin is something Dr. Will holds true in his practice.  He is always willing to help and is full of valuable information that can get you healthy and keep you there.  Doctor Will is a family practice doctor with a child of his own and believes that every man woman and child should be under regular chiropractic care to ensure that the nervous system is functioning at its optimal capabilities.  This gives the body the best chance to thrive and grow.

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